Date: Apr 9, 2012  |  Written by Jason Dodge  |  Posted Under: News  |  DISQUS With Us: No comments yet

After the panel on Saturday, Sardu from got a chance to talk to Jon Peters on traits and builds. Make sure you read the full article for all the details. Here’s a little snippet:

Sardu: Between the press closed beta (CBT2) and the more recent closed beta event (CBT3) I noted there were a lot of changes to traits. The overall system mechanics remained largely the same, but could you talk a bit about some of the specific changes to the traits themselves?

Jon Peters: In the first of those events we had enough placeholder traits to show the process of how you would click on certain slots and there would be choices. That’s basically what those were for. So for the second one (CBT3) it was more like this is how many choices you’re going to have and most of these are real, so all of those were actually built in that three week span in between tests.

Source: Traits and Builds Interview with Jon Peters