Date: Jan 16, 2013  |  Written by Laura Hardgrave  |  Posted Under: Buzz  |  DISQUS With Us: 5 comments

still alive

I know, I know. Wintersday is over. But that doesn’t mean the music stops! I think it’s safe to say that music will be a major appeal to many Guild Wars 2 fans from now on, thanks to the lovely Unbreakable Bell item. Speaking of which, we’ve got a treat today for Guild Wars 2 fans who happen to also be Portal fans. One talented fan took Portal’s “Still Alive” end title track and performed it using nothing but the Unbreakable Bell, GW2′s in-game organ, and a bit of editing (okay, more than a bit). It’s nothing short of impressive!

Keep reading to see the video.

  • Mr. Creeper

    Video link missing?

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Odd, not sure what happened. It should be back in now!

      • Mr. Creeper

        Excellent! I looked it up last night, but glad to see you guys got it fixed.