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This FAQ explains what you need to know about gear and how its attributes are distributed. I'll predominantly aim this at level 80 equipment as we can talk about all equipment rarities. The reason for this FAQ is:

  • To explain how attributes are distributed at level 80
  • To answer some common misconceptions
  • Illustrate the methods and difficulty of obtaining equipment

If not stated, the tables in this FAQ are from the GW2 wiki or self made.

Disclaimer: This faq is based on fact or logic based on evidence. Nothing is assumed because we all know what 'assume' does to you and me. As such, there may be other ways of obtaining gear or additional information not known to us at this time. However, I do not wish to speculate as this only causes confusion. If any pertinent information is sent to me that will improve this faq then I will update it.

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Reddit user donoftheslum has put together an amazing compilation of armor and weapon models for each race of all the PVP armor sets that you can find in the lockers. So if you’re trying to finally decide on a race, then this collection is for you.

Due to the request of original poster, we have kept the links to the original galleries intact. Thanks don!


There are four different model types:

  • Asura Male and Female
  • Charr Male and Female
  • Human, Sylvari, Norn Male
  • Human, Sylvari, Norn Female

I chose Charr Male, Asura Female, Human Male (Norn starting area wasn't working) and Human Female. This should cover all the available armor types.

Want to see what Norn Male armor looks like? View Human Male. They are the same. Sylvari Female? Human Female is the same. Hence the * in the title.

Keep reading for all the gallery links!

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Guild Wars Insider got two new screenshots that show us a little bit of the PVP lobby and some cool looking PVP armor. Follow the link to the GWInsider article to take a look at the rest of the screenshots.