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Many players anxiously awaited Guild Wars 2′s crafting system because of the ways in which it differs from other crafting systems found in most MMORPGs. The discovery system, the fact that crafting cast times aren’t stagnant, the idea of one character having access to all of the crafting disciplines, and, of course, the fact that crafting gives pretty awesome experience all ties into this original excitement. In fact, leveling through crafting was one of the ways the first level 80s leveled so quickly. ArenaNet definitely attempted to do something a little unique with the game’s crafting system.

Now that we’ve all had some time to take part in the adventures around Tyria, and see for ourselves what GW2′s crafting has to offer, the real question becomes– does GW2′s crafting system live up the hype? Is it as good in practice as it first sounded on paper? Each individual person is going to have their own answers to this question, naturally, but let’s take a look at both sides of the coin, shall we?

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This video has been seen by many people already, but that is probably not enough. Enigmius gives us an in-depth editorial on the different ways to level and progress your character in Guild Wars 2. We’ve seen a lot of different people discuss on forums that they were confused on what to do in GW2, or that they didn’t know what to do and felt lost. This is hardly surprising as a generation of MMORPG gamers have been conditioned to go from golden exclamation mark to exclamation mark. and that is definitely not the case with Guild Wars 2.

So continue reading and check out Enigmius’ video where he goes over all the different sources of experience and the general flow of how the game is played. He’ll discuss W3, hearts, events, crafting and more!

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The way leveling XP gain works in crafting is this: For leveling a discipline from 0-400, you will gain 10 levels along the way. By maxing out all 8 disciplines, you will gain 80 levels. That means you could dedicate a character to crafting, feed it all the mats you get on other characters and level it all the way to 80 without ever needing to kill a thing. As hardcore crafters, we think that is pretty cool.