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Hello, guys. What I wanted to do for the community today is to give you a realistic view of chasing a legendary. This is the view from a person actually chasing it himself. As usual, I’ll get to the point and give you the facts. This is the fastest way to achieve your goals. Let’s go right into it. Feel free to discuss everything listed, and add suggestions if you happen to have any.

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Hello, all. Around two weeks ago, I came up with a Guardian Paladin WoW-style build. Some viewed it as a glass cannon. “Can’t possibly live,” some said. Well, they were proven wrong. But I was not satisfied with that build at all. It didn’t have enough sustained healing for my liking, and not quite enough defenses.

So, enter Guardian Paladin 2.0 version. In this version you have more defenses, sustained healing, higher burst crits, and the ability to cancel 8 attacks in a row with skills. Does that sound fun and extremely good to you? Well, let me start with the build. Keep reading to see the stat breakdowns, explanations, examples of it in action, and more!

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Act 4: Mad King’s Simon Says

Our final act of Shadow of the Mad King is, well, less mad, and more of a reason to celebrate. The Mad King is now cool with everyone and wants to play a little game. He does a Simon Says-type game he calls “Mad King says” in Lion’s Arch. It’s pretty straight forward to figure out, and one of the rewards for completing the mini-game is a witch’s hat that seems to be offered at silver level participation or above.

For those who are not familiar with Simon Says the game– it’s quite simple. The Mad King will say a random emote, and the player must repeat that emote directly after. If he does not say an emote, then do nothing. Failure to correctly repeat the emotes gets you a flat lining debuff that floors you. That’s about it!

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Ok so here we are act 2 of the Mad King’s Event. It was fun once again to track down the king’s pages. This time they had a few surprises for me nothing too hard. New to the even this time around is door to other dimensions popping up all over the land.

These Dimensions lead you to the Mad Kings Labyrinth. You can farm and kill monsters there for Halloween goodies. You can also join 3 different mini games:

  • Lunatic Inquisition= Think manhunt with a touch of zombies ate my team thrown in. It’s definitely good old pvp fun for all.
  • Reapers Rumble= Is a team death match of sorts. You need to beat the other team and collect pumpkins on the map. You also have an npc’s factor to deal with which makes it total chaos.
  • Mad King’s Clock Tower= this is a jumping puzzle from hell. Very well done it will frustrate you and make you laugh at your failure.

This was a great addition to the first act I look forward to act 3. In the meantime see you in Halloween pvp!

Continue reading to watch the video review.

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I was not around for the original Mad King events on Guild Wars. From what I hear, they were massive and fun. With that said, so far the Guild Wars 2 version lives up to the lineage of the original event. It comes complete with a festive redesign of Lion’s Arch and plenty of mini-games and goodies in the gem store. There’s also an interesting scavenger hunt with a good story line involved. I went ahead and took the liberty of showing all the key areas in the hunt within a video. All in all, the event is well done– and free, so you can’t beat that.

Keep reading to watch the video!

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Ranger in Guild Wars 2 is not far from what players have come to expect with the class. They are the masters of damage from afar with the long bow. It is mentioned in the vid that at the time of the press closed beta, ranger with long bow was extremely effective in pvp. Yet they can hold their own if their targets do happen to get into melee range.

In addition to their personal abilities rangers are also the true beast masters. While you do start with only a few options for your companion at character creation, you can tame ‘juvenile’ beast you come across. This actually may give rangers the crown when it comes to customization, as each pet offers unique abilities. Not to mention the role play value of being able to have the pet you want.

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The necromancer class generally is one with a large diverse tool set. The weapon skills provide the bulk of the damage and secondary effects yet no pets are found in them. Instead with this usually pet heavy class you find them all as options in the healing, utility, and elite skill slots. Death shroud, the classes unique ability may seem simple with only four spells but they give you everything you need. From the looks of it the highest damage for the class can be found while in death shroud.

It is surprising that the class is not more pet focused. In fact the pets from the descriptions and video seem to be the under-powered aspect of the class. At this point the minion master play style from Guild Wars does not seem to have crossed over.

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Colin Johanson said the engineer is “our answer to James Bond” because of the gadgets and skills available. At first glance it would appear the engineer has the least amount of options and tools since it has access to only 3 weapon types and does not have the ability to swap them. That is until you look at the utility skills. This is where the bread and butter of the class is at; turrets, special weapons, and gadgets galore. Out of all of the classes in Guild Wars 2, having only 3 utility skills looks like it will lead to plenty of frustration, with so many interesting choices. Flame thrower, glue gun, and several different turrets to choose from makes the engineer seem more like Spy vs Spy than Mr. Bond.

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Mesmer was the last class released for Guild Wars 2 and it is one of the more unique options on Tyria. Unlike most of the other classes mesmer has less focus on damage. Instead nearly every spell that mesmer has available offers some kind of boon, detriment, or combo effect. With the ability to buff and debuff so effectively as well as providing support mesmer will be a sought after class for pvp. The ability to stealth your team or set up a portal into a keep seem extremely powerful.

Unique to mesmer are the dumb fire illusion pets. These pets only attack your current target and the weapon you are using will determine what skills they use. You can use your illusions to complete combos increasing damage or adding more effects to the attack. With the ability to swap weapons it looks like the mesmer will be one of the more complicated classes to master at near max effectiveness.

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The thief class in Guild Wars 2 appears to be one of the more complicated classes in the game. It is the only one with a limited resource pool for its’ primary skills and none of them have cool downs. This could give them the potential for the massive burst damage the class historically offers. Granted the lack of a cool down on skills will make it easy to spam the wrong attack. Also the thief’s third attack option changes based on what off hand weapon you have, unlike any of the other classes. While in the short duration stealth the game uses, the primary attack changes into what appears to be a high damage attack. Even though thief has one of the more limited selections of weapons available, the synergy between main and off hand seems to make up for it.

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