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altruistic healing - title photo

This build focuses on blinding, medium DPS, and ties in altruistic healing to complement your shouts. It has high survivability and a decent amount of damage, taking advantage of the Valor’s critical damage bonus to go with precision.

While anchor builds on Guardians are always a plus in dungeons, sometimes you may want to go with a bit more damage. With this build, you can keep your survivability, up your DPS, and still be able to help support your party.


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guardian bunker title

Hello! Killerx here to help guide you on the role of PvP Bunkering as a Guardian. The purpose of being a Bunker is to stay on a cap point and keep and defend it. You stay alive by using your abilities and avoiding enemy player attacks while holding your ground at your cap point. Make no mistake– you may die quite a bit– but that’s okay as long as you’re certain your team members are there to help win the day and and hold your team’s cap point. 

Teamwork is essential to being a successful Bunker. Your team must have your back when necessary while you are defending. If your team is slacking off and they are not responding to your gurgling cries of help, try to stay alive as long as possible. Do not give your cap point away for free. Let the enemy work for it! Don’t ever forget that.

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GW2J Dev Tracker

If you’ve ever played any of the melee professions and/or weapon styles and perform a lot of dodge rolls while fighting, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced a bug that’s been in Guild Wars 2 for a quite a while now. The bug happens during certain chain auto-attacks of melee weapons and will sometimes cause a dodge to fail. It seems to be most easily reproduced using slower weapons such as the Guardian and Warrior Hammer and Greatsword, although Thieves, Rangers, and even Mesmers can also be affected by the bug.

So, what happens? If you hit dodge at the precise moment when the cast bar for a chain attack is firing off, you may find that the dodge animation and movement displacement doesn’t happen, but you still lose Endurance. For a good write-up of what weapons cause the bug, check out this thread on the official forums. And for those who have experienced the bug, ArenaNet has some good news! The team has finally found a potential fix for the issue and plans on implementing it during the next full game update. Here’s the dev quote:

Originally posted by Jason King (Source)

Good news: we have a potential fix for this issue in the next full update! Thank you for your patience, everyone!

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Hello, all. Around two weeks ago, I came up with a Guardian Paladin WoW-style build. Some viewed it as a glass cannon. “Can’t possibly live,” some said. Well, they were proven wrong. But I was not satisfied with that build at all. It didn’t have enough sustained healing for my liking, and not quite enough defenses.

So, enter Guardian Paladin 2.0 version. In this version you have more defenses, sustained healing, higher burst crits, and the ability to cancel 8 attacks in a row with skills. Does that sound fun and extremely good to you? Well, let me start with the build. Keep reading to see the stat breakdowns, explanations, examples of it in action, and more!

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For players who play a Guardian character or go up against them frequently in PvP, here’s an interesting bit of info that you may have already realized– the visible range of the Shield of Absorption bubble (for shield offhand) varies based on the racial size of the character who’s casting the ability. This essentially means that charr and norn absorption bubbles will appear much larger than asura absorption bubbles (check here for a comparison).

Does the size of the Shield of Absorption bubble affect the actual range of the spell? The answer to that question is a definite no, as confirmed yesterday on the official forums. Here is what was said by Karl McLain:

Hi there, I’d like to clarify a bit on this issue (and figured I’d do it in the original thread):
The size of the actual skill is the same, regardless of race. What I see in the video is that the asura’s first Shield of Absorption pushes back its maximum (and closest) 5 enemies, then the next Shield of Absorption pushes the rest out of the skill’s radius. The skill’s visual effect is what’s dependent on the size of the character and will be fixed shortly, but the actual area of the ability is static.

The video in reference is this video, which was referred to in the original thread. What some players presumed to be a knockback difference as a result of the size of the character hit boxes is actually just a result of the second Shield of Absorption knocking back the closest available five targets, which were farther away than the five mobs that got knocked back during the first cast.

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One of the more unique design elements of Guild Wars 2 is the way skills are set up in the game. There have been countless blogs and articles describing the skill system and how it relates your Hotbar layout, but it also one of the biggest misconceptions about the game. So let’s clear it up now. People who’ve played games like Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, RIFT and Star Wars: The Old Republic are used to looking at multiple hotbars full of skills and abilities that do a large variety of things. In Guild Wars 2 this is greatly reduced and you don’t have to be a master pianist to manipulate your character.

If you want to know all about keybinds, weapon swapping and individual profession skills keep reading!

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Some time today the first public yet still closed beta test begins. Many people will get their first hands on the game for the first time. Keep in mind that this is still a closed beta test and a very important and possibly heavily enforced rule is that this is still under NDA.

Earlier this month ArenaNet hosted another event for select media sites. Lucky for us many high quality videos were released showing nearly every aspect. Following this event we featured class spotlights with some select videos giving as much detail about the class as possible. In case you missed them or perhaps you were not selected for this beta event and you still need a Guild Wars 2 fix, check them out.

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In an effort to help those who might be confused with the trinity-free class system Arenanet has employed, we’ve created a easy reference guide to how weapons and roles (offensive, defensive, and support) breakdown. We have broken down, class by class, each weapon and assigned it a Defensive, Offensive, Healing and Support “theme” to them. While most healing weapons can be considered Support, we’ve split Healing and Support apart. Many of these weapons can be called something else because a lot of them do damage, support and other controlling effects. We assigned weapons certain categories based on an overall theme and not something hard coded into the class.

Many of these suggestions are mere interpretations; for example a Warrior with a Hammer is not a “tank”. The Hammer has many controlling abilities like knock downs, knock backs, cripples and weakens. We consider controlling type weapons as “Defensive”. The “Healing” label is not exactly a healer as you would expect in a DIKU-based MMO like Rift or TOR. The Guardian “Heal” weapon has some defensive and offensive characteristics that might label it as support, but we thought it was important to show which weapon sets allowed for ally healing.

NOTE: This chart only looks at weapon sets and not healing, utility or elite skills. A new chart will follow showing those skills separately. Source for this material can be found in the GW2Wiki which sources most of the recent February Beta Event.

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More videos from last weekend's Beta Event, this time from Total Biscuit the Cynical Brit. Great work as always. Here explores Character Creation, the UI and Mesmer and Guardian play.