Date: May 7, 2012  |  Written by Jason Dodge  |  Posted Under: GW2, News  |  DISQUS With Us: No comments yet

Check out The Escapist’s preview of Guild Wars 2. The talk about the in and outs of the game and what makes in unique!

Overall the combat in Guild Wars 2 has a great feeling of mobility and there’s much less emphasis on predefined class roles. Like its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 focuses on a much tighter grouping of skills as you’ll only ever have 10 skills at a time and one or more specific profession-based abilities. The thief, for instance, can steal temporary items to be used against foes whereas the elementalist can change their elemental attunement, which effects what their spells do. Your first five skills are determined by your currently equipped weapon, but you’re given more freedom to pick your healing, elite and utility skills in the later five.

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Source: Guild Wars 2 Preview