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mesmer header

Heavily based on stat increases on precision, critical damage, and a bit of added toughness, this Mesmer build is primarily centered on your phantasms. They’ll provide a variety of useful boons and a great source of some heavy damage. With just the right balance between damage and support, this is a viable build adapted for WvW. Just keep in mind it’s very dependent on your gear!

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wvw changes title

Over the last two days, ArenaNet has published a number of developer blogs detailing some of updates that will be happening on June 11th when the Dragon Bash event kicks off. The first developer blog is a behind-the-scenes lore offering on the events of Dragon Bash and some of its cool events. And here’s a helpful bit ahead of time: The Hologram Shattered Dragon Wings back item is going to be rewarded for completing the meta achievement for the event.

We also saw a developer blog on WvW earlier this week that detailed some future changes the team is hoping to make:

“Something that has developed naturally over time and that we would like to encourage is the definition of roles within WvW. Everyone has likely seen a commander laying out battle plans and then subsequently seen that one thief mucking up those plans. It’s our goal to introduce more systems that encourage play within a wide variety of roles, not just those two. Scouts, siege masters, and defenders are only a sampling of the roles we intend to add to. We think that these are all a vital part of the success of any server in WvW, so we want to reward players who do these tasks so that they feel like their time is properly valued.”

In addition, we’ll also be seeing changes that should make it a little easier to deal with zergs, incorporate variety in the matches, and build and defend against sieges.

Finally, yesterday we saw a developer blog detailing improvements that are being made to our PvP leaderboard system.

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wvw matchup scambling

There are some big changes coming to the way WvW matchups work. Instead of matching up servers in set brackets that can sometimes make it easy for guilds to predict standings and plan accordingly, ArenaNet will be forcing the matchup system to place servers together randomly. There is a clause, of course. Any server that has past WvW standings that are exceedingly low will not find themselves facing a server that has extremely high ratings. Here’s the basic gist of how the system will work:

Basically, when you have a ladder for any kind of competition, all of the matchups don’t normally happen at the exact same time. You also normally have a pretty big group of entries in the ladder to choose from, which means that you’re matched with the closest opponent at the time the matchup is created. In the case of WvW, there are only 24 servers and the matchups all occur at the same time.

To counter this, we’re going to partially randomize server matchups, with the exception being we won’t match servers against other servers whose rating falls outside of an acceptable range. This range will be determined by using your world’s rating and deviation (already listed on the leaderboards).

For more information and all the nitty-gritty details on this huge change, make sure to check out the full developer blog.

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last stand at southsun

Details on the newest content update to Guild Wars 2 made their way to the official site yesterday with the completion of the Last Stand at Southsun information page. This next phase of the Southsun Cove event will kick off May 28th and bring with it a new renegade villain, a solo story dungeon to put an end to him, and a final onslaught that takes place on the island beginning on June 5th. Aside from the event’s additions, the update will bring players some WvW updates, custom arena updates, and a couple of cool items obtainable through completing achievements on Southsun Cove.

Here is a bit of information on the WvW-specific additions:

New Improved World XP

  • We’re improving the way we award World XP to World vs. World players! Now you’ll gain rewards for a much wider range of activities in the Mists – everything from destroying siege weapons, repairing walls, escort missions, and more.

Greater Variety and More Rewards in WvW

  • We’re adding new WvW daily achievements to the list you can choose from so you can earn World XP for playing the way you want. And every time you gain a new World rank, you’ll earn a bonus chest packed with useful WvW loot!

Introducing Infusions and Ascended Gear in WvW

  • Now you can purchase Ascended rings and amulets and upgrade your WvW abilities with six new Infusions that give your character special WvW bonuses! Just speak to the new Laurel and Badge Merchants on each map.

For more details as well as the usual host of nifty screenshots and a wallpaper, check it out here.

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GW2J Dev Tracker

There were a couple of interesting– if somewhat vague– PvP updates issued on the official forums over this past weekend. One of which was concerning the public, non-beta release of Custom Arenas. The other was a hint of sorts by Devon Carver directed toward future WvW and matchmaking updates.

Originally posted by John Corpening (Source)

Hey guys, thanks for the question. There are a few issues and updates we want to address before we make Custom Arenas available to everyone. At this time there is no announced date for the end of the beta period. We are eager to get these out to you but we want to make sure known issues are addressed first.

Originally posted by DevonCarver (Source)

In the coming weeks, nay months, you’ll see many changes to WvW. We should have something to announce regarding the matchmaking in the coming weeks.

‘Many’ changes to WvW? Let’s see what ArenaNet’s definition of many is, shall we?

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molten weapon

On April 30th we’re going to be receiving the final update to the Flame and Frost world event, which is being called Flame and Frost: Retribution. Where will we strike our retribution? In a new dungeon! This new Living Story dungeon is called Molten Weapon Facilities and will feature our NPC comrades Rox and Braham as well as an end boss fight that seems mighty intriguing from the looks of the screenshots. We’re also going to finally be able to create our own custom PvP Arena matches and take a peek at matches in progress using the new Spectator mode that will be debuting in beta form with the update.

In addition, we’ll be getting new World vs. World abilities, new guild missions, and guild siege weapons and back banners that can be used during WvW. For more information, check out ArenaNet’s updated Flame and Frost: Retribution information page. There are also a few screenshots of the new dungeon on there, so make sure to check those out as well!

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GW2J Dev Tracker

It seems that ArenaNet has finally found a solution to the good ol’ issue time zones bring to our WvW reset times. Beginning on the next WvW matchup this week, the North American and European Guild Wars 2 regions will experience separate WvW reset times. The North American matchup will reset at 9:00 PM EST and the European matchup will reset at 19:00 GMT. The team hopes that this will finally make it a little easier for guilds across various time zones to be around when it may matter most.

Devon Carver shared the announcement yesterday on the official forums, which can be found here.

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GW2J Dev Tracker

WvW players received an important announcement on the forums yesterday regarding an incoming change to the time that our WvW matches reset every week. The time is being bumped back two hours in order to strike a better match finishing time for both our European and North American Guild Wars 2 communities. The new reset time will take affect this week. Here is the official announcement:

Originally posted by DevonCarver (Source)

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the game experience with changes big and small, we’ve decided to change the time of the WvW match resets. The current time is 00:00 UTC on Saturdays, which is mighty inconvenient for our European friends who want to get in on the action of the newest match right away. We’ve decided that moving the reset time back by 2 hours to 22:00 UTC on Friday night to try and find a more happy medium for NA and EU servers. This will go into effect beginning this week and will be the new time going forward. Hopefully this makes it easier for you all to jump right in at the start of a new matchup.

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Yesterday we finally gained access to one Guild Wars 2 tool that has been requested for quite some time now: Leaderboards! Players can access PvP ranks, WvW ranks, and a list of our top achievers in the game by going to this section of the official Guild Wars 2 site. Leaderboards currently feature rank positions, rank totals, character names, account names in some cases, rank adjustments, and rank deviations. ArenaNet is planning more for the tool as well, which Nate Long detailed in a recent developer blog:

“We’re starting with the top 100 users in PvP and Achievements, but over the next few weeks we’ll ramp this number up and add some different ways to slice the data to help you get the most relevant information possible.”

“We have lots of plans for ways we can expand and enhance this data to include more information about more of the game—the current release is just the first taste of what we’re doing. As always, we love hearing what you have to say, so feel free to post any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. on the forums.”

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Colin Johanson shared some interesting information in a WvW thread yesterday evening. For the next week, due to an attempt to even out our server populations a little more equally, ArenaNet will be allowing free world transfers to servers that are currently medium population. Here is the announcement:

Originally posted by ColinJohanson (Source)

For the next week, all the medium population servers will be free to transfer to. Might be worth giving one of them a look!

Will incentives like this do more good for our WvW scores than harm? Hard to say, but it’s one option for players to consider.

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